Mystery bag: 3 items


3 mystery items of which at least 2 are awesome tshirts from older released collections!

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Get 3 mystery items! Well… not entirely a mystery, in this bag there are at least 2 tshirts and 1 other item (mostly a tshirt, print, pin, totebag or more..)

We’re trying to clear out some space so we dug up some of the unsold stock and are offering it at a great discount! get 2/3 shirts for the low price of 30 euros! In your mystery bag there will be at least 2 tshirts from older collections, some released and some unreleased or test prints. There are only a limited amount of mystery bags available so be quick if you want to get this great deal! Just fill in your size in the box and let us know if you have preference for a 3rd shirt or an other mystery item such as a signed print or totebag.


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