About Us


Love Death Pain is a streetwear clothing brand that was born in 2019, started by Dutch tattoo artist Snip Art. He wanted to have people be able to wear cool and meaningful art, but not just on the skin. So that’s how Love Death Pain started, putting his passion for design to use in making tshirts. Starting with just promotional shirts, now we’ve taken it to the next level!

Our goal is to make high quality products with high quality prints for you to wear with pride, lasting seasons. We do this by working together with other local Dutch businesses and different artists trying to combine our passions and love for art and bring this to our streetwear.
Love Death Pain is for everyone, no matter what colour, creed or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome and we strive for bringing people together through the combined love of art, tattoos and clothing.

The name is based on everything that makes up our lives: Love, death and pain. Our logo is a visualisation of this, a love filled heart that keeps us alive and going; the coffin we’ll all be buried in no matter what status or where you came from, and a dagger through the heart for all the times you’ve been hurt but kept going.

This is what makes Love Death Pain unique. Quality products made with love for people that love the art.